Old Town Street

15 EV

Download FREE HDRI

Free HDRI made on a cloudy day at a street on the Old Town in Warsaw. Beside .hdr file I also published color graded JPG panorama that can be used as camera background for renders. Photo was taken at 14:00.

HDRI (.hdr) files:
.hdr 17k .hdr 8K
Background panorama (.jpg):
color graded JPG 17k

Background photos

Example renders (Cycles)

Panorama preview

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Royalty-free (RF) license covers all files in HDRI WORKSHOP. This license protects the work so that it allows commercial use without naming the author, but does not allow the resource to be re-sold in the same form.

My name is Paweł Wałasiewicz and I do 3D work as a side job. Over the years I've gathered quite a rich library of HDRI created for my projects and decided to publish them for free on HDRI WORKSHOP and via the Blenderkit plugin. I have all rights to distribute materials on this website.

The HDRIs I made are available to download under Royalty Free license on this site and through the Blenderkit plugin.

The process is quite complicated and requires taking hundreds of photos of the environment at different EVs and several shots of the sun, with an ND4096 (12 stop) filter. The photos are then edited and combined into a panorama. Finally, I add the sun to the file with exposure correction for the ND filter.

Yes, I offer 3d modeling, especially for the real estate market. You can check details on this website.

Creating HDRI is very time-consuming and requires travel to an interesting location. I use all money raised by the donations to maintain the server and create new Royalty-Free HDRI.


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